About Ramon Magsaysay






1907 August 31 Born in Iba, Zambalez to Exequiel Magsaysay and Perfecta del Fierro
1927 Initially enrolls in pre-law studies then shifts to an Engineering course at the University of the Philippines (unfinished due to illness)
1930 Begins work as Mechanic at Try-Tran, a transportation firm, continues college studies as a self-supporting student at Jose Rizal College
1933 March 22 Graduates from Jose Rizal College with a A.B. Commerce degree
June 10 Marries Luz Banzon from Bataan, in Lourdes Church, Intramuros
  Children: Teresita, Ramon, Jr., and Milagros.
1941 Becomes Manager of Try-Tran
1942-1945 Guerrilla years (Intelligence officer "Captain Chow") following Japan’s invasion of the Philippines:
  Overall Commander, Zambales Military District
  Military Governor of Zambales
  Reconstitutes a credible guerillas' roster for backpay benefits from the U.S. government
1946 Philippine independence proclaimed
  Runs as an independent candidate and elected Representative of Zambales in the Philippine Congress
  Member, Committee on Appropriation
  Chairman, National Defense Committee
  Joins the Liberal Party
1948 April 3 First trip to the US as head of a Congressional veterans’ mission
  Secures the approval of the Rogers Veterans Bill providing for hospitalization and burial benefits of Filipino veterans
1949 HUKS (from Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon, a guerrilla unit founded by Luis Taruc against the Japanese forces) abandon their quest for reforms through legal & constitutional means
  Fighting accelerates against the Communists and the Huks
November Presidential elections, Elpidio Quirino wins
  Re-elected to Congress as Representative of Zambales
1950 September Appointed Secretary of National Defense
  Goes back to Washington and successfully obtains military assistance
  Decisive reforms in military establishment boost morale and performance of Filipino soldiers and renews people's trust in government
  Effectively leads intensive socio-military campaign against the communist-led Huks: "Hand of all-out force or all-out friendship"
1951 February 22 First agricultural camp under the Economic Development Corps (EDCOR) Plan established in Katipunan, Lanao. The program resettled army retirees on government land which they eventually owned.
1952 April Capture in Nueva Ecija of William Pomeroy, American ideologist and leader of the Huk Propaganda corps
1953 February 28 Resigns as Defense Secretary.
March 9 Takes oath of affiliation with the Nacionalista Party
April 12 Nominated Presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party
November 10 Elected President of the Philippines
December 30 Sworn into office as the Country’s seventh Chief Executive.

Wears the "Barong Tagalog" during his inauguration, a first by a Philippine President.

More than 2 million people, the largest crowd ever for such a ceremony, witness the event.
  Declares Malaca´┐Żang Palace as the house of the people
  Creates Presidential Complaints & Action Committee to attend directly to people’s complaints
1954 Laurel-Langley trade agreement between the Philippines and the United States approved
  War Damages Commission stipulates the payments to the Philippines of some $400 million as war damages
  SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization for Collective Defense) formed during the Manila Conference
  Huk Leader, Luis Taruc, surrenders to the government
1955 Submits Republic Act No. 1400 or the Land Reform Act of 1955
February 19 "Treaty for the Collective Defense of Southeast Asia" or the "Pacific Pact" approved
  Fall of a great number of Huk leaders
  Congressional Act No. 1292 passed creating a special fund of P20,000,000 to be used as loans to the Filipino retail traders
  Creates the National Marketing Corporation (NAMARCO) to extend help to Filipino businessmen engaged in the retail trade
1957 As part of Magsaysay’s peace initiative with returning Huk rebels, 978 surrenderees’ families are lodged in the EDCOR agricultural camps in Mindanao and in Isabela province
  Establishment & development of cooperatives & credit agencies
March 17 Dies in a plane accident at Mt. Manunggal, Cebu
  Vice President Carlos P. Garcia assumes the presidency
March 22 An estimated 2 million attend the burial of President Ramon Magsaysay



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