Magsaysay Institute for Transformative Leadership

Tapping the wealth of Asia's leadership resources for change

  Magsaysay laureates -- their achievements, insights, influence and credibility as leaders who have changed, and     are changing, their societies
  Other transformative leaders working in Asia, or for Asia
  Young, emerging leaders seeking to influence the development of their societies

to address Asia's daunting challenges, including

  Intractable poverty and deepening social divides
  Environmental degradation, leading to natural disasters with increasing frequency, unpredictability, and destruction
  Pervasive social conflict, violence, and war

Providing a hub for leaders to

  Connect with each other on shared advocacies for change
  Collaborate on new, sustainable, collective solutions across borders
  Compare and enrich their individual transformative work
  Mentor their successor generation and younger leaders
  Speak as a credible, collective voice to the issues that matter to Asia's future

through three program streams


     Thematic Conferences
     "Transforming Asia" Regional Lecture Series
     Leadership Retreats
     Online Forums


     Peer Learning
     Staff Exchange Programs
     CSR Immersion/Exchange Programs
     Youth Leaders Immersion
     Magsaysay Volunteer Corps


     Documentation of transformative leadership "best practices"
     Magsaysay Awardees Centre (MARC) digital library
     Web-based dialogues

   Knowledge Management Program

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