vision and mission


With strong international presence and support, the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation continues to honor persons and organizations as exemplars of selfless leadership, whose lives and work make Asia truly a better place by:

The Magsaysay laureates, through their ideas and programs, exert strong individual and collective influence as a community of moral leaders who promote just, democratic and sustainable responses to the challenges of human development throughout the Asian region.

The Foundation's work is supported by stable organizational resources and strong working relationships with with local and international partners. Because of this, the development initiatives of the Magsaysay laureates are better known and more accessible to the public, and are increasingly supported by media and other relevant institutions within and outside Asia.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation is to honor outstanding individuals and organizations working in Asia who manifest greatness of spirit in service to the peoples of Asia.

The Foundation bestows the Ramon Magsaysay Award after rigorous investigation and selection; subsequently, the Foundation promotes and supports the work of the Magsaysay laureates, in partnership with other local and international organizations.